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Club Membership

Ipswich Cycling Club welcomes riders of all ages and abilities, from children through to masters, novices to champions. We hold a range of events throughout the year, including criteriums, time trials, mountain biking and track cycling..


Our members also enjoy training and social rides. Members are covered by public liability and personal accident insurance at all times when riding their bikes.


Members are invited to include their family members in club acitivities by bringing them along to races and events. We're a welcoming bunch and will soon make them part of the club's extended family. We also offer Junior Development activities for kids and social rides (Silver licence option) to include your non-racing partner. Riding a bike is great fun and it's not all about racing. 


Volunteers make our club fun and will have fun at the same time. Throughout the year as a member, you'll be expected to help out as a volunteer in some capacity. The more the merrier, and it doesn't mean that you'll miss out on racing. Partner and kids can also lend a hand.


Club meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month. We want to make sure that our members have a voice - after all, it's your club. The meetings are a great opportunity to contribute ideas, raise issues, learn what's going on and coming soon.


We look forward to welcoming you into your club family.



To become a member of Ipswich Cycling Club you will need to visit the Cycling Australia website. Once you're there, choose Ipswich Cycling Club from the dropdown list when prompted.

Membership Details

For a detailed set of instruction on how to join click here.


There are a range of membership packages available:



There are also non-riding memberships available for those who coach, officiate, volunteer and administrate within the sport. 


Recreation and Racing memberships also include Personal Accident Insurance and up to $20m in Public Liability Insurance whenever you're on your bike. Click here for full details.


Once you become a member of CS and email is sent to us to inform us of who you are so we can make sure you get connected.


See the MTB page for Mountainbike Australia membership.

Member Participation

In 2022 the club will be awarding points to our members for their participation in the club through competition and volunteering. We hope this will drive further engagement, especially with our non racing members. These points will be collated and we will award prizes to our top participants at the 2022 end of year celebration. Points are awarded based on the following

  • 25pts - Volunteering

  • 20pts - Attend Club Meeting

  • 5pts - Attend Club Training

  • 5pts - Attend Club Crit

  • 10pts - Attend Club Event

  • 10pts - Attend Nominated Non-club Events (will be shared on Team Reach prior to the event)

  • 20pts - Attend Interclub event

  • 10pts - Club Crit 1st place (or 1st Ipswich CC rider)

  • 10pts - Club Crit Most Aggressive Rider

  • 5pts - Club Crit 2nd place

  • 5pts - Club Crit 3rd place

  • 20pts - Bring a new rider to a Club Crit

The club leaderboard standings (current 10/02/2022)

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